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basic shop

Essential Shop


discounts depend on situation

For businesses who want to get started: built with plug & play components curated, coded, and designed by our team. Takes 30 days.

Essential Features

Shop Insights

Get recommendations from our team on how to sell your goods better.

Free Training

We'll personally teach you how to use your shop once done. No tech knowledge needed.

Customer Accounts

See your customer's info including contact and purchase history.

Real-time Reports

View sales & product data as soon as they arrive in beautiful charts.

Basic Shipping Rates

Set simple shipping rates for your customers.

Payments Integration

Connect with Stripe, Paypal, or any compatible local payment gateway.

Coupons & Offers

Create discounts, bundles, and offers in a few clicks. Track them too.

Mailing List Collection

Gather your customer's emails whenever you make a sale.

Custom Page Builder

Create an unlimited number of pages anytime you want. Super easy.

1 Year Support

Get help with bugs & errors one whole year after we make your shop.

Why go Basic?

If you don't like wasting time and want a beautiful shop as fast as possible.
If you plan to stay focused and don't really need a lot of features.
If you don't need granular customization of every pixel of your shop.
pro shop

Custom Shop

Price varies

depends on project scope

For businesses with special needs: built with features we'll build from scratch. Takes 2–4 months depending on the scope.

Add on: Pro Features

High Volume Layout

Get a storefront customized for a high volume of products.

Tabbed Descriptions

Get hyper-detailed product descriptions with tabs.

Loyalty Program

Reward points and create tiers for your customers based on their purchases.

Email Marketing

Build a system that automatically sends emails to your customers based on their behavior.

Customer Service Platform

Talk to customers directly in your shop and consolidate messages from different inboxes.

Hyper-custom Shipping Rates

Create shipping rates for very specific locations or products.

Pop-ups Manager

Design beautiful pop-ups that can go up whenever you want them.

Sale Countdown Timer

Create a sale timer on top of your shop to create a sense of urgency for your users.

Custom Layout

Get beautiful icons and illustrations for different website sections.

Why get Pro Features?

If you're building a shop where you already expect a large volume of orders.
If you need advanced features for increased efficiency.
If you need non-standard customizations and special requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started with my own shop?

You'll need your own domain, product information, and branding visuals such as photos and illustrations. You'll also need a credit card for recurring payments to Shopify. Check out our full guide.

How are you different than others?

We're obsessed with the customer experience and care about the tiny details. As business people, we run our own shops too and we know how to attract and keep customers using design, copywriting, and technology. We'll use strategies we personally use in our own stores that we know customers love. We'll help you sell better.

Where are you located?

We're based in Manila, Philippines but we serve every small & medium business owner around the world!

I'd love to work with you but you're out of my budget. Discount please?

We give 10% off for full, upfront payments. Otherwise, we're already quite affordable. It's an entire business for the price of a high-end Mac!

Why don't I just build a shop myself?

Yes you can—just find a theme you like and you can get one running on your own. The downside is that if you do not code, you will be severely limited by what you can do. Themes have a "one size fits all" approach, so they never fit that well. We make it fit for you.

Are you priced higher or lower than others?

We're in the middle so we can stay affordable for small businesses. Our quality of work is typically one that you would find at triple our price, but we keep our costs low by utilizing templates and efficient workflows. We can get quite pricey if you want hyper-customization (complex layouts only for you) but most people don't need that.

Why Shopify? What if I want a shop on WooCommerce, Magento, etc?

We've tried the other platforms and we decided we want to focus on Shopify. Shopify has the quickiest, easiest-to-use, and most future-friendly platform. The others have outdated technology and/or a substandard user experience that we can't recommend to you.

Help, I don't know anything about e-commerce. Will you teach me?

We train all our customers and we make sure we don't leave you hanging. We keep an open line even after the project is done.